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Recruiting 60 New Mentors

The Client
Big Brothers Big Sisters matches adults with children to form supportive friendships. 

The Challenge

Big Brothers Big Sisters had a long list of children waiting for mentors and needed a creative new way to reach potential mentors.  


The Solution

There was a missing segment in Big Brothers Big Sisters' recruitment strategy: Men and women age 50 and older. We decided that a time-bound, urgent recruiting campaign aimed at this population could help alleviate the mentor shortage. We conducted focus groups and spoke with many target audience members to determine words, phrases, and concepts that appeal to them. These emails were a part of the overall campaign. 


The campaign was a huge success, recruiting more than the desired number of new mentors.

Recruiting emails
60 Mentors in 60 Days Email 1.png
60 Mentors in 60 Days Email 2.png
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