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Unleash the Bull(dog) &
Maximize Your Marketing 
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Running a successful business can be exhilarating as you guide clients to meet their financial goals. But it can also be exhausting, especially when you’re growing your firm.


The needs of your current clients have to come first – they’re bringing in the doggie kibble, after all. But, when you want to grow, how do you find the time to attract new clients?

First, you must recognize that you can’t do it all. 


That’s where I come in. I'm Cindy Schrauben, a marketing strategist and copywriter for financial advisors and money coaches. I will help you understand your ideal client and create a roadmap to connect with them. 


Sometimes, business owners skip this step and rely on what works for their competition or colleagues. But, in doing so, they often waste time and money.


Wasting time or money doesn't appeal to me. And I bet you don't like it either.


So, when I bring my 25 years of strategic communication and marketing experience to your financial advising firm, 


I become your strategic partner.


This means that even after we’ve begun implementing your marketing roadmap, I will continue to learn about your business and consistently suggest creative new ideas to strengthen your message further.


I will assist you in achieving your goals, just as you help your clients realize theirs.

Revenue growth with a side of doggie kisses

Once upon a time, I was a magazine publisher, where I perfected the ability to communicate my advertisers’ unique value to readers, resulting in revenue growth for my clients. My job as a strategist and copywriter is to do the same for you by researching and understanding your ideal clients to create effective strategies and irresistible messages.

I also know that every one of my clients has a unique story to tell and it’s my job to share them with the world.


Sharing your story will build brand affinity and loyalty with your target market.


But, here’s a little warning: To learn enough about you and your business, I ask questions.


When I'm not creating strategies and writing, I'm spending time with my family and getting doggie kisses from Gus.

A lot of questions. Like:

How do your company’s services benefit the client?

What’s the biggest challenge in your business?

What do you want your ideal client to believe about your firm? 

What goals do have for the next year? The next 5?


I could go on, but you get the gist. I genuinely want to know about and understand you and your business. 

Together, we can bring in more clients and strengthen your business.

"Cindy is helping us achieve our business goals through coordinating themes, copywriting, and strategic advertising. This has helped improve our branding strategy and our overall presence."

~ Sarah Herwick, Allegiant Wealth Strategies

Yes, I'm Gus's Mom

My business is called Great Gus Marketing because my family’s English Bulldog is ever-present in my life. Literally. He never leaves my side. So, if you hear snoring during a Zoom meeting, it’s Gus, not me. I promise.

Mission Statement

My mission is to help my clients achieve their business goals by creating actionable marketing strategies and writing compelling and persuasive messages.



We only get one life, so let's make the world a better place by doing what we love! I help clients achieve their business goals by doing what I love – strategy and writing. I do this with integrity and honesty while maintaining a down-to-earth attitude.

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