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Coaching to Overcome Creative Blocks

The Client
Creative Breakthroughs is a coaching program for creative professionals from the fictional Dave Winters. Winters created the program after discovering that practicing yoga and meditation brought back his creativity and led him to write a Tony Award-winning Broadway play. 

The Challenge

Dave Winters' innovative coaching program for creative professionals is sure to be a significant investment for writers, actors, dancers, and artists who may be low on funds. Winters needed a sales page to introduce the program to his target audience and persuade them to take the next step and apply for his program. Winters did not want to mention the program’s cost on the sales page because he did not want to dissuade people from moving forward. 


The Solution

This spec sales page would be part of a greater marketing campaign and introduce creative professionals to the Creative Breakthroughs Coaching Program and the program's creator, Dave Winters. 

Sales Page
Ignite your creativity, your career, and your future
Breakthrough mind blocks and unleash new inspiration

If you’re like me, creative ideas used to pour out of you so effortlessly that you needed a bucket to catch them all. And then you’d have to get more buckets to contain all the inspiration.


Your creativity knew no bounds, and ideas flung out of your imagination at all times. You’d create while showering, eating, and even sleeping.


You could take an idea from concept to reality without taking a break. And there were still more impressive ideas to follow.


Your creativity seemed endless. And it brought you success and, perhaps, even recognition.


But then the juicy ideas started coming in slower and slower. And then, one day, they stopped altogether.


It was almost as if you’d squeezed the last creative thought out of your brain. Your creative well seems to have run dry.


At some point, it happens to every creative professional. I know because it happened to me.


I’m Dave Winters, a playwright and meditation/yoga instructor. I’ve been just where you are and understand how difficult it is to feel my creativity slip away.


A while ago, I was cruising along in my career as a playwright and producer. I’d had some modest success and had even touched Broadway. My career was taking off.


Then, it happened.


A play I’d worked on tirelessly…


the play I’d pinned my Tony hopes on…




It closed as soon as it opened. And as soon as my play went dark, so did my thoughts.


I slid – no, actually, dove – headfirst into a major depression.


I questioned everything.


Had I already reached the peak of my career?

Could I compete with younger artists who seemingly produce mind-blowing new work with ease?


Would I ever create anything original again?


Did I even want to try?


As I questioned my whole life’s direction, I found yoga and meditation. As I studied these ancient but, oh so effective practices, my mind began to clear of negative and distracting thoughts. I learned to calm my body and mind and visualize a new creative future.


Soon after beginning the practice of yoga and meditation, I found that I did want to create again. I realized that I hadn’t peaked, and my best work was in front of me, not behind.


And the ideas started flowing.


I found a deeper level of creativity that I’d only dreamed of. And I began writing again.


After discovering the power of yoga and meditation, the first play I wrote earned me the professional recognition I’d always dreamed about. As I stood on stage holding my Tony award, I knew it was all possible because I’d cleared my mind and encouraged new creativity through the practice of yoga and meditation.


Yes, yoga and meditation are that powerful. Induce  


And I knew I had to share these powers with other creative professionals.


So, I formed Creative Breakthroughs, a year-long group coaching program where you’ll learn how yoga and meditation can reignite your creativity and passion.

While participating in Creative Breakthroughs you’ll discover how to meditate and visualize to bring about calm and inspiration. You’ll break through to new depths of creativity that will reinvigorate your career.


You can also participate in monthly masterminds centered around a theme accompanied by meditation and daily journal prompts. You’ll have the opportunity to share your challenges with the mastermind group and receive ideas for solutions. And there will be at least one guest lecture every month from leaders who will share their business and coaching advice.


Group members will even enjoy an in-person retreat weekend in San Diego!

I’m confident the Creative Breakthroughs coaching program for creative professionals will unleash your creativity, decrease your stress level, and take you to the next level of your career.




Now, before you doubt me, remember I know precisely what you’re going through. I know how painful it is to have your creativity seemingly evaporate. And nothing you do brings it back.


I want to help you break through your creative dry spell like I broke through mine.


The process I’ve developed can reignite your creativity and your career. You’ll once again become excited about your work. Your passion and inspiration will return.


This year-long coaching program is based on the principles I applied to dig myself out of the depths of depression and career stagnation.


I know this works because I’ve done it. And I have a Tony award to prove it.


My coaching program will teach you how to meditate and visualize. You’ll calm yourself and envision your creative and career dreams coming true.


You’ll learn techniques to reach peaceful tranquility and breakthrough to new depths of creativity. You’ll learn how to identify and take inspired actions that will ignite your success.


You’ll be on your way to making your dreams come true.


As I was developing Creative Breakthroughs, I shared some of its breakthrough concepts with select creative professionals. Like you, they were stuck and uninspired. Their creativity had dried up.


But, with my concepts and coaching, their imaginations and inspiration have been renewed.


Ellen Harvey, a New York Times best-selling author, says:


“Dave Winters is amazing. I’ve never felt so creative or effective before. When I’m creating, I get into such a zone and when I’m not, I’m calmer and happier.” 


And DJ Corso, comedian and star of Netflix’s “The Corso Effect,” says:


“There’s nobody like Dave! If you’re not working with him yet, you need to be. He’ll crack you wide open and help you get at the heart of your creativity and effectiveness. He’s the creativity Sherpa!”


But this program isn’t for everyone. It could be for you if you are a creative professional who:

  • is making at least part of your income from your art.

  • is confused about your next steps.

  • are nearing burnout or are already there.

  • wants to get to the next level of your career but don’t know how.

  • knows that stress is getting in the way of your creativity.

  • wants to access deeper levels of your creativity.


If the alarm bells in your head went




while reading this list, the Creative Breakthroughs coaching program may be your answer. I want to talk with you about working together to solve your problems.




I can only accept 30 participants, and once that limit is reached, the program will close to applications until next year. So, you must apply now before all the spots are taken.


I’d like to get an idea of who you are and your challenges before we speak to decide if we should work together. So, I’ve developed an application process for all prospective group members.



Your application doesn’t guarantee your acceptance into the program, nor does it obligate you to join. It is simply to see if you want to become one of the select 30 members and if I believe you will benefit from the program.


Click the button below to fill out a short questionnaire and apply for the program.



If it seems you are a good fit for the program, we’ll follow up with a phone call to make sure we’re a suitable match. I want you to be as comfortable with me as I am with you. Our phone call will ensure this.


As a fellow creative professional who’s experienced the power of yoga and meditation, I urge you to apply for this transformational one-year coaching program so you, too, can take your career to the next level. 


But, again, don’t just take my word for it. Listen to Grammy-winning recording artist Courtney Moore:


“I can’t recommend Dave’s work highly enough. He’s one of the most insightful and gifted teachers I’ve ever met. He changes everyone he works with.”


If you’ve read this far, you know you’re ready for the changes Courtney raves about.


Apply today to be one of the select 30 members of Creative Breakthroughs and begin changing your life and your career!

Bonus for Creative Breakthroughs members:

FREE access to Dave Winters monthly yoga membership! Every other day Dave teaches a new 10-to-15-minute yoga flow class. This is a $47 monthly value FREE to members!

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