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Getting Out of Debt with a Budget

The Client
Allegiant Wealth Strategies, a financial services firm with offices in Portage and Battle Creek, Michigan, is dedicated to acting in their clients' best interests and to building long-lasting relationships with them. The firm works with clients in every stage of life, from when they start "adulting" in their 20s to living their best lives in retirement.

The Challenge

The challenge from Allegiant Wealth Strategies was to get the attention of people who are struggling with debt. Allegiant advisors then work with people to create a budget and reduce their financial stress.


The Solution

We decided to use targeted advertising on Instagram and Facebook, a blog, social media posts, and a landing page. Each week, social media posts included messages about why budgets are necessary and how to create a budget.


Create a Budget, Reduce Money Concerns

Credit card bills… student loans… mortgage payments…


Sometimes figuring out how to get out of debt feels like too much.


We get it. There is so much to think about when it comes to creating a budget that it can be daunting.


But it doesn’t have to be. We’re here to help you take charge of your financial future.


Now is the time to create a budget with the Allegiant team and:

  • reduce the stress of monthly bill paying (know where every $ is going!)

  • look forward to paying off debt and new financial beginnings (worry less, enjoy more!)

  • gain financial confidence (remove confusion!)


Start 2023 off by creating a budget and reducing debt: Schedule a FREE consultation with us today.

Social Media Posts
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Landing Page

Reduce Money Concerns: Create a Budget

When you try to figure out the best way out of debt by yourself, it can feel really daunting.


Credit card bills… student loans… mortgage payments…


It’s a lot – especially when your income and expenses don’t meet.


We get it. And we’re here to help.


Having a budget helps relieve stress and builds confidence in your financial future. 


Our team will help you:

✔️ skip the anxiety and get clarity around the budgeting process

✔️ avoid confusion about where you’re spending your money

✔️ have confidence as you pay off your debts


Schedule your FREE consultation today! In-person and Zoom appointments are available.

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