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Five reasons your business needs social media

By Cindy Schrauben

Great Gus Marketing

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Many business owners, who probably already have too much to do, ask if their business needs to add even more to the mix by having a social media presence. The answer, whether you market to consumers or other companies, is: Yes!

Following are five reasons why your business needs an active social media presence:

1. Create awareness and interest

Before people can do business with you, they first must know your business exists. Being active on social media is an excellent way to become known and drum up interest in your service or product. You should be active on platforms where your target customers spend the most time and offer them content that helps them begin to know, like, and trust your business. For an idea of the best social media sites for your business, see our blog on the subject. Once you decide which platform(s) to focus on, you should create a social media strategy and plan, so you’ll know what you’re going to post and when you’ll post it. For more on why you need a social media strategy, please read our blog post.

2. Establish your expertise

Social media offers you the means to share your expertise with potential customers. People want to do business with those who can competently solve their challenges, so share with your audience how you will solve theirs. You can record videos demonstrating your expertise and post them on your social media sites. For example, an accountant can address how new tax laws may impact consumers and how to prepare for the changes. Or an interior decorator can illustrate how to freshen up a tired room without buying new furniture. You could also post “Did you know?” questions and show your expertise with your answers.

3. Create and share your company’s personality

Social media is where your company’s personality can come alive. Your persona will often be directly tied to your company’s, especially if you are the sole owner. You must work within your company’s branding, of course, but it’s important on social media to interact with your followers and let them get to know you. These posts, called engagement posts, are where you should step aside from talking strictly about business. Consider showing behind-the-scenes happenings. If you’re working extra hard to get orders out the door, show your packed mail room. If it’s a staff member’s birthday, give them a shout out and share their picture. Or you could give your followers a peek into your private life by introducing your pet or a photo from your childhood and asking them to share theirs.

4. Directly engage with your audience

A vital aspect of social media that businesses often overlook is the “social” part. With social media, you have an incredible opportunity to interact with your audience (i.e., potential customers). If someone comments on a post, respond to them, even if only to say thank you. You can also begin conversations that will lead to further engagement and possible sales. The possibility of getting negative comments can lead some businesses not to want to engage. But don’t let this stop you. Negative comments offer you the opportunity to show your audience that you have good customer service and take their concerns seriously. However, if someone responds inappropriately, don’t be afraid to say you are taking the conversation offline.

5. Affordable advertising and lead generation

For budget-minded marketing, it’s hard to beat social media. Though the old days of getting by without investing any money in promoting your business on social media are mostly gone, you can do it pretty cost-effectively. You can target your advertising to specific audiences allowing you to deliver content to and developing leads with those most likely to engage with your business.


If you’d like to explore how having an active social media presence can boost your business, Great Gus Marketing is ready to assist. Please contact us at or call 269-215-1505.

Based in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Great Gus Marketing specializes in strategic marketing, social media management, and copywriting.


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