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How to make your holiday out-of-office message sing

By Cindy Schrauben

Great Gus Marketing

If you’re like many people, you’re getting ready to take some time off around the holidays. You know what that means (besides – finally! – recharging your batteries): You need to write an out-of-office message for your email.

Most often, out-of-office messages go something like this:

Thanks for your email. I’m out of the office until January 3, 2023, and will respond to your email then. Happy holidays!

While there’s nothing intrinsically wrong with this message, it is a bit, well, boring.

Here are three ways to make your out-of-office message more notable:

1. Inject your personality

Unless you work in the most buttoned-up, conservative of environments, you can bring your message to life simply by being you. Use the words you would typically use in the tone you’d normally speak, and your message will sound like you, not a faceless corporation (but even they have personalities these days). How about something like:

Whew! We made it through 2022, and wasn’t it fabulous?! I’m taking a break until Jan. 3 and look forward to connecting with you again in the new year. Expect a reply then! In the meantime, happy holidays! ❄ 🔔

2. Give them a (little) glimpse into your life

I’m of the school of thought that being professional doesn’t mean you need to be impersonal. Put a hint of your personal life into your out-of-office message and create a memorable connection with your contact. Maybe something like:

I’m dashing through the snow,

in my Subaru,

with two kids in tow,

to Grandma’s house, we go!

We might even be,

laughing all the way.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

I look forward to talking with you,

in 2023!

Expect a reply from me,

around January 3!

Happy holidays!

3. Provide a heart-felt thank you

This is the time of year to reflect on the the past 12 months and to extend gratitude to those you’ve done business with. There’s no reason you can’t put express appreciation in your holiday out-of-office message. Try something like this:

Whether you’re a client, coworker, or vendor, please know that I’ve enjoyed working with you in 2022. I’m looking forward to continuing our working relationship in the new year.

Look for a reply to your message around Jan. 3, when I return to the office.

Happy holidays!

Now it’s your turn. Make it your mission to compose a memorable out-of-office message before you check out of the office for the holidays.

See you in 2023!


I’m a copywriter and strategic marketer for financial professionals. If you’re a financial advisor or coach and want assistance creating marketing copy that will connect with your ideal clients, I’m ready to assist! Book your free 10-minute strategy call today.

Based in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Great Gus Marketing specializes in copywriting, content writing, and marketing strategy.


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