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Get bullish copy with the 4C’s of financial copywriting

Connect with your ideal clients by using this framework

By Cindy Schrauben

Great Gus Marketing

As a financial professional – advisor or coach – it’s vital that your communications connect with your ideal clients. But how do you do it? I suggest you use my 4 C's of Financial Copywriting framework.

We’ll get into the specifics later, but for now, here are the 4 C’s of Financial Copywriting:




Compliance approved

When you employ the 4 C's of Financial Copywriting, you'll have Bullish Copy that will save you time, build rapport with your ideal clients, and help you stand out from your competitors.

Now for the details.


You’ve probably heard about the study that found that goldfish have longer attention spans than humans. That study has been debunked – after all, who really thought that a one-inch golden swimmer with a brain the size of a pinhead could concentrate longer than us (do goldfish even have brains?)?

But the faulty study was onto something: Our attention spans are shorter than ever. It's vital that your marketing messages get to the point quickly to get and keep your ideal client's attention.


Jargon. Inside baseball talk. Tech speak. No matter what you call it, you should avoid it in your writing.

The financial world is full of big words and unfamiliar terms that can be intimidating to those who don't work in the field. Yes, as a financial professional, you have to know and understand these complicated concepts, but your ideal clients don’t. That’s why they need to hire you – the expert! And you can’t communicate with them as if they are already knowledgeable. This has to carry over to your written communications.

It's crucial in financial marketing to explain complicated concepts simply, so your ideal clients understand what you can do for them. Doing so deepens their trust in you and furthers your relationship.


Your copy must convince your ideal client that you can be trusted to solve their challenges.

One key to writing convincing copy is to write conversationally as if you’re talking with a friend. Copy doesn’t need to be formal – in fact, in most cases, it shouldn’t be. Write like your ideal clients speak, and you will build a connection and trust with them.

Another way to write convincing copy is to make your point through stories. People are drawn to stories and retain the information much better than if it’s presented in other ways.

Above all, your copy should persuade without being icky. No one wants to feel like they’re being sold anything. Being friendly and straightforward will take you a long way.

Compliance approved

I’ve often heard from financial professionals that they struggle with getting their copy through compliance. The compliance department plays an essential role in marketing for financial advisors. I get it.

I am experienced in writing financial copy that gets a passing grade on the first try. My understanding of what will – and won’t – pass the compliance test will speed up your copy approval process and take the stress out of it for you.

Of course, we can’t control how long it takes compliance to review your copy. But we can control when we give it to them for review. So, I always aim to work two months out, so we don’t get into a bind. This system takes organization on my part but just one monthly meeting for you (and that’s less than one-hour long). We plan all your monthly communications, and then I write them. It’s simple for you.

Bullish Copy

When we bring together the 4 C's of Financial CopywritingConcise, Clear, Convincing, and Compliance approved – the result is Bullish Copy that is compelling and persuasive. You’ll have financial marketing messages in your brand voice that will lead your ideal clients to contact you.

You can take the 4 C's of Financial Copywriting framework and write your own copy. But why would you? Just as your clients hire you because you’re the financial expert, you should hire a financial copywriting expert. You’ll save a ton of time and know your financial marketing is in the hands of an experienced financial copywriter.

Let’s talk about if we’re a good fit to work together! Schedule a free 10-minute call.


I’m a copywriter and strategic marketer for financial professionals. If you’re a financial advisor or coach and want assistance creating marketing copy that will connect with your ideal clients, I’m ready to assist! Book your free 10-minute strategy call today.

Based in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Great Gus Marketing specializes in copywriting, content writing, and marketing strategy.


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